Monday 7 November 2022

Toronto Transportation & Accommodation


Airport transportation

Some airport and downtown hotels offer free shuttle bus service from the airport. The TTC offers two routes from Toronto to the airport and costs $3.25.

Pacific Western (905/564-6333) offers express bus service linking the Toronto airport to downtown hotels. The Pacific Western bus operates every 20 minutes from 6:25 am to 10:45 pm daily and costs $19.50.

The Airport drive can take well over an hour during weekday rush hours. Airport limos have fixed rates to different parts of the city and cost from $45 to $75. It is illegal for city cabs to pick up passengers at the airport, unless they are called. Taxis usually cost twice as much as airport Limos. The most expensive service is the language school pick-up and we never, never recommend it to international language students.

Have your address in English on a card - give it to the TTC driver or limo driver and they can direct you to your destination.

Many students now use Uber to travel when the TTC is not available.

Toronto Tour Bus Companies

The best student Toronto Tour Bus companies include: Temple and Temple (TnT) Student Bus Tours, Magic Bus Company and Moose Travel Network. These companies are excellent with international students and offer the best professional service.

Toronto Public Transportation

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and GO Transit offer Toronto area commuter rail and bus commuter services.

Toronto Railway Services

Amtrak (800/872-7245) runs a daily train from Toronto to Chicago and New York City.

VIA Rail Canada - (416/366-8411) runs trains to most major cities in Canada. Substantial discounts are available on Via Rail if you use your international student identification card. Amtrak and Via Rail operate from Toronto Union Station, 65-75 Front Street, between Bay and York Street in downtown Toronto.

Toronto Ride Share Services

The smartphone apps for Uber Toronto and Lyft Toronto ride share provides a lower cost (except during surge pricing) for many point to point trips throughout Toronto.

Toronto Student Accommodation

Toronto Hostels such as Toronto Backpackers and Hosteling international offer dorm rooms from $20 to 27. each per night.

University Student Residences can be rented by the day, week or month during the summer holidays.

Downtown Toronto University residences include:
U of T, Loretto College (416) 925-4058,
U of T, St. Joseph's College (416) 962-5519,
U of T, New College (416)946-5317,
U of T, Knox College (416)978-0168,
U of T, Victoria University(416)585-4524,
Ryerson University, Pitman Hall (416) 979-5296,
Neill Wycik College Co-op (416)977-2320

List of Toronto Hostels

Toronto Air BnB

Many students will use AirBnb for the first week or month to provide an initial home base while looking for less expensive housing in Toronto during the 2018 Toronto Real Estate Price Peak.

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